Veterans in Intelligent Infrastructure

    Technology, design, deployment, and support
    all working in concert to deliver positive business impact
  • Tintri is the most form-fitting storage

    Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure

    leverages deep analytic insights to make autonomous decisions
    and simplify management in the environment.
  • Tintri is the most form-fitting storage

    Tintri’s thousands of customers

    have refocused administrative effort into enhanced service delivery
    – some by up to 95%

Why Tintri?

Tintri is the storage company that doesn’t talk about IOPS, dollars-per-gigabyte or other table stakes.

Tintri has fundamentally changed the way organisations operate by using storage to speed development cycles, simplify management and predict your every need as you scale.

How is Tintri different?

Organisations are looking for easy to use, robust, and highly scalable data management solutions. These solutions need to be easy to deploy, simple to manage, and deliver faster insight while maximizing the value of their complex, distributed data.

Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure consistently meets and exceeds the needs of the demanding workloads found in most any data center today.

Unique Value

Intelligent Infrastructure saves you up to 95% of your time.


Technology, design, deployment, and support all working in concert to deliver positive business impact.


Deep domain expertise, with 20 years of simplifying the complex and making the unthinkable a reality.

Self Service

Solutions and capabilities designed to grow with your needs.


Systems developed for access, sharing, and consolidation on premises or in multi-cloud environments.

Tintri Intelligent Infrastructure

  • Broad portfolio of storage solutions from a single company
  • Technology leadership and product maturity for both enterprise and at-scale
  • Tintri delivers smarter and simpler ways to manage your infrastructure

  • VMstore
  • IntelliFlash
  • NexentaStor
  • VM- & DB-Integrated Intelligent Infrastructure

    Premium All-Flash

    EC6000 Series
    Effective Capacity: 19TB – 645TB
    # of VMs: 500 – 7,500

    Entry / ROBO All-Flash

    T1000 Series
    Effective Capacity: 10TB
    # of VMs: 100


    • Disk Groups
    • RAID Configurations
    • Policies
    • Tiers
    • LUNs or Volumes

    VMstore Differentiators

    Predictable Performance:

    Workload Isolation and Dynamic Resources

    Dynamic QoS VMs and databases 

    • Each VM and database gets the exact resources to deliver <1ms latency

    Zero administrator intervention

    • Automatically allocates up/down as I/O needs change

    Visibility with Value:

    Real-Time and Predictive Analytics

    Troubleshoot in seconds

    • Advanced curated advice and alerts
    • Get real-time latency for each VM

    Provision with precision

    • Model storage and compute needs 18 months into the future

    Accelerated Productivity:

    Maximize Efficiency

    Speed up developer velocity with snapshots and clones

    • Spin up 1,000 VMs and database clones in minutes.

    Easily accommodate data growth and movement

    • Dynamically scales to over 40PB capacity
    • Moves workloads to optimize resources and efficiency across hybrid clouds.
  • Intelligent NVMe and SAS-Flash Systems

    NVMe All-Flash

    NVMe-Flash Systems
    Lowest latency

    High Density All-Flash

    Dense-Flash Systems
    Low latency

    Shared Hybrid Storage

    SAS-Flash and Hybrid Systems
    Balance of price / performance
    • ONE Operating Environment
    • ONE Feature Set
    • ONE User Experience

    IntelliFlash Differentiators

    Consistent Low Latency:

    NVMe-Optimized Architecture

    Run every workload at near memory speed

    • NVMe high IOPS at low latency cuts data analysis time in half
    • Fully optimized stack turbo-charges performance and increases throughput

    Global Insight:

    Cloud-Based Analytics

    Troubleshoot in seconds

    • Gather information from systems worldwide for deep insights into apps and storage
    • Maximize uptime and efficiency with per-VM intelligence and performance monitoring

    Flexible Architecture:

    Mix and Match Storage Media and Protocols

    Choose Optimal Mix of Performance and Capacity

    • Combine the benefits of NVMe with the economics of SAS capacity
    • Add capacity as needed without impacting performance
  • Comprehensive Open SDS Portfolio

    Physical Appliance

    Full Featured SDS for Enterprise Apps
    Deployed as an on-premises cluster using preferred hardware

    Virtual Storage Appliance

    Full Featured File Access as a VSA
    Leverages existing capacity available on other storage systems

    Public Cloud

    Enterprise NAS for Public Clouds
    AWS Cloud, DR, and test/dev
    • ONE Open Software Defined Solution for Bare Metal, VSA, and Multi-Cloud

    NexentaStor Differentiators

    Open Software Defined Storage:

    Multi-Cloud Distributed Storage System

    Variety of deployment options

    • Consistent storage services across on-premises, private cloud, and public cloud
    • Wide range of use cases on x86 hardware
    • Take advantage of all-flash, hybrid, and all-HDD options

    Choice with Control:

    Intelligent, Automated Decisions

    Storage management and analytics

    • Single screen reporting, monitoring, analytics and orchestration for all storage assets
    • Complete storage management in appliance and configurable reference architectures

    Flexibility for Your Business:

    Fits In Your Existing Environment

    Broad choice and fast deployment

    • Supports file, block, and object storage for cloud-native applications
    • Seamless VMware integration: file, block, VAAI, VVOL, vCenter Plug-in

Experience As Described by Users Who Chose Different


Run 200k VMs in steady state across hypervisors and workloads
“Shifted to SaaS business model.”


Data reduction to enable growth of art collection without issues
“Having extremely low latency is so important to the visitor experience, and everything runs smoothly.”


Less time managing storage = more time with customers
“Tintri’s performance allows us to compete and win against AWS, Azure, and other large public cloud providers.”


Spin up and tear down 1,000 VMs every 15 minutes to continuously test software
“Cut development cycles in half.”


Latency improvement in normal business environment with backups (< 10ms)
“We are now able to take the entire environment, instead of piecing it together and trying to fit it into proper maintenance windows and run it 24x7 without impacting our end customers.”


Improved SaaS environment with 3.5:1 compression of production data for efficient data storage
“What really impressed us was the software. The compression and de-duplication it provided are phenomenal and really blew us away.”
Networks Unlimited Tintri

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