Modernize Your Approach to Network Monitoring

SevOne provides modern monitoring and analytics solutions that organizations need to monitor their networks today, tomorrow and beyond.

SevOne simplifies the extraction and enrichment of metric, flow, and streaming telemetry data across multi-vendor networks enabling enterprises, carriers and managed services providers to ensure optimal network operations and performance.

Full Visibility. Any Network. Any Scale.

  • Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Capacity & Service Planning
  • SLA Reporting
  • Tool Consolidation
  • Real-Time Decisions
  • Data Science Analysis
  • Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting

    • Can I collect data from that new newtwork device?
    • How can I find and fix network problems before they impact my end users?
    • What is 'normal behavior' in my environment, and what isn't?

    If there's a time stamp, we'll collect data from it. Then, we automatically extract and enrich that data, and help you quickly enable positive business outcomes.

  • Capacity & Service Planning

    • Is my network optimally provisioned and when will my key network resources need more capacity?
    • Can I anticipate the capacity needed to handle future growth and changes?
    • How will a new service impact my existing network infrastructure?

    Capacity planning and new service rollouts are operational and financial challenges for network professionals. SevOne has you covered.

  • SLA Reporting

    • Am I able to show proof that I am meeting or exceeding service objectives?
    • Do I have a reliable method to create and evaluate SLA reports?
    • Can I show measurable quality improvements to my customers?

    SevOne Data Platform collects, reports and analyzes KPIs from all IT service delivery components, regardless of source.

  • Tool Consolidation

    • Do I have redudant performance monitoring tools?
    • What are the obvious and hidden costs of all those tools?
    • How can I reduce the overlap and cut TCO without losing the monitoring coverage and capabilities I need?

    With industry-leading data collection coverage and an extensive feature set, SevOne Data Platform lets you gain new insights and retire legacy tools without missing a beat.

  • Real-Time Decisions

    • Can one-second streams of network streaming telemetry data be analyzed in real-time?
    • Can my management system be configured to look for specific combinations of metrics and data patterns?
    • Can users, applications and tools subscribe to event notifications to draw insights and act quickly on that intelligence?

    Real-time decisions require real-time analysis. SevOne has you covered.

  • Data Science Analysis

    • How can analytics help me better identify outliers?
    • Can I run analytics based on daily or weekly seasonality?
    • Can I run analytics against both real-time and historical metrics?

    Learn more about how operations, engineering and data science teams can leverage real-time and on-demand analytics for further insight into their network streaming telemetry and syslog metrics.

Modern Monitoring and Analytics

Managing the Network Today, Tomorrow & Beyond

Enterprise Campus Networks

Gain insights into Wi-Fi, Routing and Switching

Enterprise Branch Offices

Establish Full Visibility into MPLS, SD-WAN and Wi-Fi

Multi-Cloud Data Centers

Visualize the Performance of Data Centers, SDN & Public Clouds

Carrier Networks

Unlock Complete Views of 4G/5G, NFV, Cable, and Backhaul Networks

Backhaul Networks

View Slices of Multi-Tenant, Multi-Vendor Networks

Network Streaming Telemetry

Real-time and historical insight into streaming telemetry and syslogs
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