Unlock your connectivity: ProLabs takes network solution to the next level

Unlock your connectivity

ProLabs provides connectivity expertise through solutions that are compatible with and enhance switching and transport equipment, says Anton Jacobsz, MD at Networks Unlimited.
In today's highly connected world, the ability to provide seamless interoperability means being able to offer freedom of choice to customers. This premise has been at the heart of the ProLabs ethos for over 15 years.

This is according to Anton Jacobsz, managing director at value-added distributor Networks Unlimited, which distributes ProLabs products throughout Africa.

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Jacobsz says: "ProLabs, one of the leading global market providers of network solutions tailored to a company's connectivity needs, provides state-of-the-art optical transport and connectivity solutions that are compatible with over 55 optical switching and transport platforms. This allows it to deliver optical connectivity solutions that give its customers freedom and choice through the provision of seamless interoperability, and speak to the company's ethos of being ‘committed to connectivity for all'.

"With its combination of knowledge and optical networking technology, ProLabs has become the single source for optical transport and connectivity solutions from 100MB to 100GB and beyond, for many companies worldwide. Further, ProLabs is challenging OEM dominance to become the largest and most innovative independent player in the global, mid-tier, optical network products market. This is because a ProLabs offering of all its transceiver packages includes an interoperable code, giving customers a single source for their transceiver needs. This compares to the contrasting scenario in which many optical switch and transport original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) add information in the digital optical monitoring (DOM) that require a match, or the transceiver is not interoperable."

ProLabs thus aims to provide connectivity expertise through innovative solutions that are compatible with and enhance switching and transport equipment. Jacobsz notes: "In its commitment to enhancing network efficiencies, ProLabs offers world-class customer service and aggressive product development. Reasons to make ProLabs your optical connectivity solutions provider of choice include the company's full compatibility with over 50 OEMs; its highly compatible transceivers; a lifetime warranty; and that fact that delivery, quality and support come standard with ProLabs products."

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ProLabs provides four common distance ranges within each transceiver model it offers, namely, a short haul range up to two kilometres, a long haul range up to 10km, and extended reaches of up to 40km and 120km respectively.

"ProLabs also offers custom solutions through its wide range of supplies and technologies that are often not offered by OEMs, and its service providers give every customer an in-depth knowledge of all its products. It is also the only provider in its market offering lifetime product warranties. This all speaks to a holistic offering from an unashamedly ambitious industry challenger in the data centre and networking arena," concludes Jacobsz.

For more information, visit http://www.nu.co.za/products/networking/prolab


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