Rubrik for Microsoft SQL Server

Whether your databases run on-premises or in the cloud, virtualized or not, Rubrik simplifies SQL Server data protection and delivers powerful features. Achieve near zero RTO with Live Mount, provision a clone to any point in time, and eliminate management complexity. With Rubrik, you say good-bye to painful SQL Server backup and recovery jobs.


Challenges with NAS Backup Alternatives

Traditional NAS backup methods with scale-out appliances and NDMP enforce vendor lock-in, lower performance, and higher TCO.

Deliver near-zero RTOs by mounting SQL Server directly on Rubrik. Get RPOs down to minutes with high-speed performance coupled with log management.


Eliminate management complexity with automated database discovery and self-managing connectors – perfect for large-scale environments.


Rubrik eliminates painful SQL Server backup jobs. Use a single SLA policy engine to manage and automate backup, replication, and archival schedules to align with business SLAs.


Management Simplicity

  • 1
    Auto-discover all SQL clusters and instances.
  • 2
    Use incremental forever backups to drive capacity and network savings.
  • 3
    Automate SLA policy compliance with intelligent log management.
  • 4
    Spin up database clones with SQL Live Mount for test/dev in minutes without rehydration. SQL files are exposed via SMBv3 to the Windows Server running SQL Server.
  • 5
    Instantly locate your SQL backups and files with predictive search, no matter where they’re located.
  • 6
    Unlock cloud for test/dev or DR. Ensure protection of your SQL-based applications running in the cloud.



  • 1
    Exploring the Depth of Simplicity: Protecting Microsoft SQL Server with Rubrik
    A deep-dive on how Rubrik helps you upgrade, protect, and simplify your SQL Server environment.
  • 2
    Granular Object-Level Recovery for SQL Server
    How to restore SQL Server databases, tables, and records without the need to provision storage resources or copy large amounts of data across the network.
  • 3
    Using SQL Server Live Mount for Development and Testing Purposes
    How to utilize Rubrik’s SQL Server Live Mount feature to transform otherwise stale backup data into duplicate copies that can be used for testing and development.
  • 4
    Rubrik Live Mount for SQL Technical Overview
    Andrew Miller, Technical Marketing Manager, and Kenny To, Founding Engineer, explain Rubrik's groundbreaking innovation with Live Mount for Microsoft SQL Server and its use cases.


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